Glory to Ukraine!
We’re delighted by your will to stand together with Ukraine for truth, freedom, and the new world we’ll build together each step of the way.
Significant changes require extensive efforts.
This path is tough, with peace and freedom as the ultimate end.
Being a Legionnaire is a noble role and without brave professionals like yourself, this war can’t be won.
We’re an independent agency volunteering to help the Ukrainian government organize the process of recruiting the best warriors from all around the world. We’re here to be a link between you and the Ukrainian military, helping both sides to become the one.
No one wanted, nor were prepared for this war. You can imagine how many people and departments within the Ukrainian government are involved in building such a complex defense structure in such a very short period of time while your country is under attack. So please forgive us for any delays as we are working diligently to create systems to streamline processes as. We’re all here for the same steadfast vision.
Be very aware this war is not a place for military tourism or first-time experiences - this war is brutal.
The enemy is the biggest global evil since Hitler.
He has no rules, no morals.
He has the second biggest army in the world with thousands of tanks, aircraft, artillery, and missiles.
His soldiers are weak - low morale and motivation, no experience - but he has a lot of them. His commanders are experienced - but no one expected such motivated opposition.
He strategically bombs civilians, schools, clinics, theaters, factories, and all types of infrastructure without hesitation.
He captures and brutally interrogates warriors.
You should be prepared for the worst.
Statements about what to expect from the application process:
  • We don’t have time for long training. We have to act fast and effectively. That’s why we give preference to combat-experienced professionals with great physical state and mental readiness.
  • We can’t invite everyone at the same time - this’s a two-sided process - firstly, the Ukrainian military has to review your application and commit that they are ready for your deployment.
  • We don’t guarantee that filling out the form will give you a ticket to become the Legionnaire - but be sure that your application would be available for the Ukrainian military all the time.
  • The application form is very detailed, be ready and reserve some patience and time - this’s the only right way for the Ukrainian military to make quality HR planning.
In the following FAQ / Guidelines, you will find answers to most of the questions that you might have.
For your convenience, you could search by keywords or just read all questions.
What is your organization? Who am I communicating with?
What are the pros and cons of belonging to the international legion of Ukraine?
Pros: Every selected and approved legionaire is helping a sovereign state to fight for freedom and defend it's independance against an evil and dishonest enemy that doesn't respect any international laws, aggresively invades neigbouring countries and terrorizes civilian population. This is a perfect opportunity to gain an invaluable combat experience and master unique skills and competences. On top of that, every legionnaire participating in warfare is set to be earning an official salary on a monthly basis.

Cons: High risks of losing life and injury;
Liabilities and fees upon returning back to home country (it is strongly advisable for each legionnaire to check the local government policies regarding participation in international military conflicts).
How do I apply to become a legionnaire and participate in Russian-Ukrainian war?
The essential step is filling out the application form on our website prepared specifically to evaluate the applicant's suitability (Military Experience, Military Skills, Personal Information, Intention, Logistics). Please read carefully all the information and be 100% honest when answering the questions (in case you don't understand or hesitative about the meaning of the question, please address our support team).
Is it possible to apply directly at the border of Ukraine?
No, you should first fill out the form and go through the background check. In case you are told that the form or any validation process can be accomplished at the border or upon arrival, please don't believe that source.
If I'm not accepted then will I still get an e-mail explaining why I was not accepted into the Ukrainian National Legion?
Yes, you will receive an email regarding your acceptance or not.
How is my personal data processed?
Applicants personal data is collected. in order to better understand and evaluate the competences, suitability and preparedness of each future leginnaire. After the form is submitted your personal information is anonymuosly stored in our secured data base with a very limited access to it by official autherized bodies. We do not use any of your information for the purposes different than evaluation and competency check.
What are the other Foreign or Internation Legion resources I find on the Web, e.x.:,
There are multiple resources conducting research and recruiting of foreign fighters to Ukrainian legions right now - our country requires as much help as possible. We are able to guarantee the professional approach, timely support and direct contact and cooperation with official governmental military departments and don't take responsibility to give the same guarantees with regard to another resources and organisations.
What is the overall process of a volunteer's approval and becoming a legionnaire?
In order to become a legionnaire participating in Russian-Ukrainian war, a volunteer must carefully study the information on the website. As long as the factual situation and basic requirements are clear, a volunteer must fill out the application and double check all the input information. Upon the application submssion, the volunteer's data is studied and validated by a competent government agency. ALL the suitable applicants will be informed via email with the list of further instructions and recommendations appended. The list of instructions will contain the information (step-by-step guidance and recommendations, itinerary, check points, contact info, etc.) for the future legionnaires to prepare themselves for the transit and subsequent joining the Ukrainian legion.
How much time normally does it take to evaluate my application?
The fastest time period is 2-3 days, however some departments require longer validation time. It is important to realize that each legionnaire data is stored in a secured anonymized data base which is regularly turned to and updated. Every legionnaire has a potential to be selected later on when a profile is considered requisite.
Possibility of reimbursement for flights and wages to pay cost of living and bills back home.
Flight reimbursements are not currently covered by the UA government, nevertheless our agency sustains the independent fund to raise money specifically for the extra needs and demands of foreign legionnaires. That being said you can count on a partial reimbursement for flights and transportation. Apart from that, every foreign legionnaire who gets enlisted is earning $500-3500 per month depending on multiple factors.
Will we receive documentation outlining our service, similar to the United States DD 214 form?
Yes, you will get Ukrainian version of similar document.
There are multiple criteria for this. First of all, your military experience, skills, and physical fitness. Then, readiness of the military to deploy you, equip you with everything needed to maximize the effectiveness of your participation.
As of now we don't have such practise at place, but as we go it will definately be implemented.
Communication channels
Our primary communication channel is our official website and those contacts provided in a contact section.
What kind of military experience do I need to have to enlist ?
The main criteria is a military combat expirience.
What should I do if I made mistakes in filling out the form?
Please fill it out one more time. It is important to have all the information filled out correctly and honestly. The application form is a key instrument for the Ukrainian side to understand the suitability and preparedness of an applicant. Nobody wants misunderstandings and confusions on the latter stages of a recruiting process - they might cost time, money and lives.
What would disqualify me from joining?
- Non-compliance with military criteria
- Criminal record (TBD individually)
- Provision of inaccurate information or forged documents;
- Illegal presense on the territory of Ukraine.
We can't guarantee that you'll be selected and when it will happen. But we assure you that your profile will be available for the Ukrainian military. If you match the current needs, the military might select you immediately if they’re ready to deploy you; but it also might take days, weeks, or even months until it’s the right time.
In case I changed my mind after filling out the form, will you delete submitted form?
No problem, we'll delete your form after you request it.
WHO CAN JOIN (what are the restrictions and limitations)
Under what conditions can I join the Legion?
1) If your citizenship is other than Ukrainian, but you are standing with Ukraine against the russian invasion; 2) If you want actively participate in fighting for the freedom; 3) If you have combat military experience.
What is the upper/lower age limit to become a part of Legion? Are there any exceptions for the age limit?
The upper and lower age limits are 25-50 but the main characteristic is the combat experience and strong physical and mental conditions.
Are people that can provide first aid, medical training, restraint training are allowed to join?
Legion needs such people. Medical support is an integral part of military functionality. Please fill application for the non-military volunteers.
What language knowledge is required?
To be able to effectively perform the tasks given and communicate in the Legion with other comrades the knowledge of one of the following languages is required: Ukrainian, English, or russian.
Are there gender limits?
The legion is striving to recruit the most efficient fighters. The candidates are not filtered by physical, gender or race attributes - the filtering is carried out with the performance factor in view.
Are there external appearance limits?
The legion is striving to recruit the most efficient fighters. Unless legionnaire's outlook puts him at a greater risk or gives advantage to the enemy, the legionnaire is free to look the way he wants - the filtering is carried out with the performance factor in view.
Can I join without documents confirming my military service?
Yes it is possible, you still need to go through the training camp for basic preparation so your best military skills can be identified
Are there limitations for the disabled?
The legion is striving to recruit the most efficient fighters. The candidates are not filtered by physical, gender or race attributes - the filtering is carried out with the performance factor in view.
Can I become a legionnaire without prior military experience?
Legion does not recruit volunteers without prior military experience.
Will I be accepted into the legion if I am still a serving soldier?
You will be accepted to the Legion but to prevent any type of issues we recommend to contact relevant authorities in your country.
I can't join the legion. My government has announced that doing so is a criminal offense in my country.
It is important that you consult with a responsible domastic governmental organization regarding this type of issue.
What am I expected to bring along for my deployment?
It's recommended to bring military apparel or its elements, equipment, helmet, and body armor if available. However essential military equipment will be provided in the training camp.
Can I bring my own gear?
It is possible to bring your own weapon. Please contact the relevant authorities and airlines in your country.
Are there any medical restrictions?
All the medical restrictions are mentioned in the application form.
Do we need a vaccine to serve?
You can still join the Legion without being vaccinated (it is not required on a checkpoint with Ukraine). But they will administer the test on the Poland border if you travel from outside of the EU. People traveling from outside the European Union, from outside the Schengen area, must present a negative COVID-19 test result. Vaccination is not obligatory especially if you mention that Poland is a transit country. But people crossing the Poland-Ukraine border are not subject to mandatory quarantine upon entry due to the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine.
Please advise do i need to be vaccinated to get to Ukraine?
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Republic of Poland's government has implemented obligatory restrictions on the Polish border, which also constitutes the external border of the European Union. These restrictions limit foreign nationals' entry and dictate quarantine restrictions upon crossing the border.

The Polish Border Guard determines who is allowed to enter Poland. For questions regarding whether your situation qualifies for an exemption to enter Poland or whether your specific itinerary will allow you to transit, please contact the Border Guard COVID-19 Helpline by phone at +48 22 500 4149, and +48 22 500 4149, Monday to Friday from 2:15 AM - 10:15 AM EST., or by e-mail [email protected]

Please visit the Polish Border Guard website for the latest border restrictions and regulations and the Website of the Republic of Poland for quarantine requirements.
How long before I travel do I need the negative COVID test?
Starting December 15, every person arriving in Poland from outside the Schengen area will have to present a negative Covid-19 test result to enter the country. The test must be performed within 24 hours before crossing the border, counting from the time of the test result. Vaccination does not exempt an individual from the obligation to test.
Do I need a visa to come to Ukraine?
No, visa requirements for Ukraine are currently canceled (temporarily: from March 1st till the end of martial law, as per Presidential Decree No. 82/2022).

However it is important to check the visa requirements to enter Poland (this is the country that has the first check point on your way to Ukraine). You can find the information regarding Poland vise requirement for the citizens of your country on line.

You are required to have a valid passport. If you have any passport issues, contact your local authorities regarding passport issuence or renewal.
What documents are needed to join and travel to Ukraine?
- internal document (ID or passport, if you dont have it or it is outdated please contact UA Embassy in your country )
- passport for traveling abroad
- documents confirming military service (in security agencies) and participation in the military operation.
Do you provide any permission letter to travel?
No, unfortunately we do not provide permission letters.
My international passport is expired, can I go to Ukraine usine ID card only?
Depending which country is ID from. It is best to discuss this with a UA embassy in your country.
Can I bring my own medication?
Yes, you are free to bring your own medication.
Do American cell phones still work in Ukraine or should I buy a satellite phone
American cell phones work in Ukraine - you can use roaming function OR you will be helped to purchase a local Ukrainian SIM card upon arrival.
Can I bring my camera and document the war?
The legionnaire can bring his/her camera, however using it must not jeopardize or in any way distract the fighter from fulfilling the primary duty and resposibilities.
What if I need VISA to enter Poland?
We are not helping in this regard. Please contact Poland Embassy directly.
Will I get assistance getting to Ukraine?
We offer transportation help from Poland. Transfer from Krakow or Rzeszow airport or any other city in Poland to the Border. You'll be provided with all the assistance in deployment.
How will the contract look like? Can we see the draft?
The contract will be available to study on the latter stages of the recruitment process after the application form is filled out and approved
After we sign the contract will you take our passports away? I heard you guys are taking passports away after enlistment so we can’t go home. Is that true?
No, the legionaire keeps passport to him/herself.
What will be the length of deployments?
The contract is signed until the marsial law is lifted with an option of a pre-term cancellation
Does becoming a legionnaire and participation in war effect my citizenship of the home courty?
As far as we are concerned becoming a legionnaire and participation in war does not effect your home country citizenship. For more detailed consultation please address local authorities/legal officer.
Can I leave at a particular point once I'm in?
The contract is signed until the marsial law is lifted with an option of a pre-term cancellation
Do we need to translate all the required documents to English/Ukrainian?
The documents prooving your military experience are supposed to be in Ukrainian or English. The rest of the documents do not require translation and can be presented in the original form
Would i be considered mercenary by join your call?
No, you are not considered a mercenary - every legionnaire officially becomes a part of the Ukrainian Army.

According to Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, art 47 mercenary is any person who:

(a) is specially recruited locally or abroad in order to fight in an armed conflict;
(b) does, in fact, take a direct part in the hostilities;
(c) is motivated to take part in the hostilities essentially by the desire for private gain and, in fact, is promised, by or on behalf of a Party to the conflict, material compensation substantially in excess of that promised or paid to combatants of similar ranks and functions in the armed forces of that Party;
How is the Ukrainian Legion organized? What type of units are international volunteers being organized into?
Based on the skill set and experience new legionnaires will be distributed to the most needed unites. The Ukrainian Legion collects the data provided by a volunteer, securely stores it and redirects to competent governmental military organisations that are in search for specific professionals or assembling dedicated legionnaire units.
Can the applicant apply for a specific branch of service?
Yes, but the final decision is made by an appropriate coordinating officer.
Does a legionnaire get an official military status.
Legionnaire fight on a government’s behalf and will become a part of the Armed Forces of UKraine.
Will there be a medal for foreign fighters? Do you get rank as a foreign fighter?
So far, Armed Forces of Ukraine have awarded honors to about 30 legionnaires and will continue to do so in the future.
What occupations and roles are needed?
Various military occupations are welcomed to joint the Ukrainian legion. Please fill out the form.
Could I be assigned to an English-speaking unit?
Most of the Legion units are English speaking, also we have translators on the ground.
What languages are spoken in Legion?
English, Ukrainian, Russian
How do I handle my monthly expenses? Do I get paid?
You will become the part of the Armed Forces, where you’ll receive monthly payment and reward.
What is the earnings rate right now?
from $500 to $3500
If a legionnaire falls victim to the risk - is there some kind of reward he can leave to the family?
15M UAH equivalent is paid to the victims family
Will I have a real military status as a legionnaire?
Yes, as a legionnaire you are officially becoming a part of Ukrainian army.
Are you going to provide family support to the foreigners that are fighting for Ukraine?
At the moment Legion can not provide any support for the families.
How much money does equipment cost?
There is no equipment cost. It will be provided for free in the training camp.
What supplies are provided?
Foreign legionnaires are provided with all the necessary equipment to conduct warfare. More detailed information on the equipment can be provided upon request on the latter stages of preparation process.
Do you have CBRN equipment?
This type of equipment will be provided if the need in it arises.
How much money does training cost?
There is no training cost. It will be provided for free in the training camp.
How would army training be conducted during war? Would this type of training be considered “full training” thus qualifying for the better wage?
The basic training is up to two weeks - but this depends on many factors including your prior military background.
Can I get military training in Denmark ( or any other country) and after that I’m arriving in Ukraine?
It is obligatory for the newcoming legionnaires to go through training in Ukraine. The the duration of the training period is dependant on the preparedness and the physical state of a particular legionnaire and can last 2-14 days.
If we are killed in mission are we getting paid?
15M UAH equivalent is paid to the hero's family.
What happens to disabled wounded foreign fighters? Can they return home?
We will do our best to recover legionnaire and make sure he safely returns home.
Will the medication be provided?
Yes, but if you have some specific needs it’s better to take the medicine with you.
If I am killed, will my body be returned back to my home country/to my family
If the legionnaire has given his permission, then the person who he has named to be notified will be. If they are not family it is up to that person to notify the family.
If the family so wish, they can claim and take ownership of the body and repatriate it to the legionnaire’s country of birth or choosing. A legionnaire with no blood ties will be buried in Ukraine in a cemetery.
If I were to enlist, would necessary medications be covered and/or supplied? Is legionnaire supplied with insulin if needed?
All servicemen who serve in our Legion and have signed contracts are insured, all operations and treatment are free of charge.
Where am I going to station?
All the information about stationing is provided on the latter stages of the approval process after the application form is filled out and evaluated by a competent military organization.
Would I be able to leave my equipment somewhere? (This affects the amount of kit I would bring). Am I going to be stationed somewhere where I can leave most of kit, or am I going to be mobile all the time?
You will have a place of dislocation where you will be able to leave all you don't need.
Are legionnaires separated by nationality?
No, the legionnaires are stationed in accordance with the request and demand on the battlefield.
Does there exist a stable line of communication from deployed soldiers to their home countries?
Yes, the Legion works on the provision of a stable line of communication for those who joined.
There are videos with volunteers telling viewers not to join telling about severe lack of supplies and threat of execution if they dont fight on the front lines. Is this true?
This is not true. This is most likely a deceptive and misleading information fabricated by untrustworthy source. Ukrainian army may experience difficulties with supplies however such situations are inevitable during the war time. Deficiencies are closely monitored and liquidated first thing.

Only experienced and the most prepared fighters are operating on the front lines - all the information about punishments or executions is false and fabricated.
What are the combat characteristics? Describe the battle process and character.
It’s not a low-grade war, it is an extremely active high-intensity battlefield with thousands units of artillery, missiles, close battles, civilians rescue missions and various types of possible missions. Ukraine is fighting against the world’s second strongest army which carries tons of equipment, machinery and people. The enemy is a pure evil - russians don’t respect any rules and laws. This war displays multiple evidences of internationally acclaimed rules of warfare violation. The conflict is reported and witnessed to be of the highest levels of cruelty with pervasive wartime atrocities.

Each day could be your last day out there.
There’re multiple sad stories about foreign legionnaires being totally unprepared for Ukrainian warfare reality coming to Ukraine just to find out that they are not ready before they quit. In order to avoid their mistake, when filling the application please be maximum honest, first of all with yourself.
Will international volunteers operate on the front lines or will they be held in the rear?
The legionnaires with the combat experience will be operating on the front lines.
To what extent will medical care be provided to the wounded.
The wounded fighters are receiving medical care in every particular location and circumstance to the fullest extend possible.
Is there any possibility in future that I will be a permanent job in Ukrainian Armed Force?
The possibility of such options can be discussed with competent military department representative when the legionnaire is in Ukraine.
Will the Legion remain after war?
We are concerned with victory in the first place. The destiny of the Legion will be decided afterwards.
When we win the war can I as a legionnaire apply for the ukrainian citizenship?
All those who defended Ukraine will have the right to obtain citizenship in Ukraine.