President Zelensky set up the International Legion of the Territorial Defense Forces of Ukraine three days after the invasion on 27th of February. Unexpectedly Ukraine received tens of thousands applications to volunteer in a few days.
The initial procedure through Ukrainian embassies were not ready for such large influx of applications. That’s why different volunteer organizations were established to help both legionnaires and the Ukrainian Military.
Ukrainian volunteer organization LEGION was established at the beginning of the war. Since then we’re on a mission to help foreign Legionnaires fight for Ukraine, filling the gaps between Ukrainian Military and the warriors.
01 /
Provide a secure online hub and meeting place for foreign combat veterans who are volunteering to go to the frontlines in Ukraine with the Ukrainian Military.
02 /
Serve as a liaison with the Ukrainian Military, to help find, vet and screen volunteers, including providing an embedded advisor to help the Ukrainian Military assess Legionnaires' skill sets and assign and use them in an effective way.
03 /
Raise funds to cover Legionnaires' direct deployment expenses, such as airfare, ground transportation and accommodations, gear and supplies.
We’re authorized by Ministry of Defence of Ukraine for helping in recruiting, logistics, supply and support for foreign Legionnaires.
United we will win the evil,
once and for all!
Glory to Ukraine! Slava to Ukraine!
Slava to all Brave Light Warriors!