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Fight for Ukraine
needs you
This war is brutal, chaotic and dynamic, with a lot of close artillery and missile attacks, close ground fights, civilians rescues missions.
Currently, Ukraine urgently needs military professionals and real combat experience fighters, commanders, trainers, engineers, and medics.
We need you to be
01 /
Military Professional with the cool-headed application of skill needed to conduct war as a rational instrument of policy.
02 /
Warrior with courageous state of being that enables you to pick up a weapon and fight for freedom and victory.
Because no battle, campaign, or war can be won without both of these qualities operating in exquisite tandem with each other.
Tactical goal
  • • Increase manpower
  • • Bring military expertise
  • • Elevate international unity
How to
01 /
Fill the application. It would take ~30 min to finish 5 sections: Military Experience, Military Skills, Personal Information, Intention, Logistics.
02 /
Ukrainian government makes background checks. Be ready, there might be extra checks for security purposes.
03 /
Your resume (without linked personal information) becomes available in a secured CRM for Ukrainian military units. The war is very dynamic and fast. Units are constantly forming and changing depending on the situation. There’re always specific needs whom and when they need and capable to adopt.
04 /
If the Ukrainian government chooses you - you’ll receive an invitation and prepare for your trip to Ukraine. We’ll assist and support you through each step of your journey.
05 /
After your arrival in Ukraine, you’ll sign your service contact with Ukrainian government and prepare for the battle!
The change is right in front of us. You can already see it happening. For the first time in our lifetimes — in history — the whole world is uniting in the face of unjust aggression. We are coming together to fight against the very worst of human tyranny.
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We are an independent Ukrainian agency that cooperates with Ukrainian government to help them recruit the best warriors from around the world.
We’re the contact between You and Armed Forces of Ukraine or any other Ukrainian government services.
We’re your guide in Ukraine and Ukrainian culture.
We always are available to support you.
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Save the world. Stand for Ukraine.